Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What are the reason's for helping the east and there uprising's? Libya,Egypt

So why would a former President ever step down if they will face prosicution?
Mubarak, Egypt's former President. Who steped down relitively easy. Now may face prosicution.
I don't see how this can help any matter in the east. Where countries are dealing with these form's of protest's Daily. Now why would any president/Dictator step down now. Look to Libya, where Godhafi should step down to save face, And his countrymen. But we have found out what kind of control freak this man is. I believe this may happen, when being in control of physically everything around you for so long. Anyone on Godhafi's power trip is nowhere near able to be in control of anyone! "Let alone a country" Godhafi is an out of control radicul that will now fight to the death, to avoid sure prosicution.
He has killed his countrymen for no reason! Not in a time of war. He is the reason for this cival war!
Anyone who decide's to start a cival war in his homeland because someone sead a bad thing about him is surely a burden to the world and his country. I just don't see any solution to any of these uprising's. We need to stay out of this mess! No one can make anything good come from this. I know we are there on an Idea of him killing civilian's! But, What next? Sure France and there oil supply had alot to do with this! So Let them play in this mess then! We can't afford it!
So what are the reason's for the US dableing in the East with (there) Uprising's?
So becareful because I plann to take part in are uprising! Because we need are money! What American want's %75 of his tax money being spent on Foriegn aid and Pentagon Expense's?
1st) Reason is France and there oil. Sure they get most of there oil from Libya! But, What does that have to do with America's hard earned tax money? We have serious issue's here at home. I have met 3 homeless men in the last 2 day's and they were recently pushed to the streat's at the age of 60+ because we no longer pay for there illness with are social security budget. Imagine one day waking up and no more home, because we love terrorist more than are own people. We would rather buy AR's so muslim radical's can fight Godhafi for 2 week's untl they turn them on us!
2nd) there is no second reason. We say we are protecting the Libyan people! But What About the American People!
How much does a few million in cut's who put American citizen's on the street have to do with are budget. When we are paying trillion's to Muslim coutries for no reason! they will alway's hate us! And if we quit arming them they would probley go broke because they couldn't sell them to are enemies. And quit robbing there leader's. So they would go broke. Come on! Fuck this. Im tired of these hater's!
Muslim's will alway's hate everyone!!! this will never change it has been this way since the begining of time! Muslim's are hater's! and alway's will be! Something's never change! So just take care of are people please! We are begging you! Quit shooting Obama in the foot trying to get him out of office at are expense. I have never seen the US government in this way! We are being robbed and thrown under buses daily. Because of politic's. Because are government is so worried about ruining Democratic's face's they are completely destroying the country. I never here about them passing bill's that pay Muslim's trillion's of dollar's in aid, But somehow this is happening all around us while we starve! Wake up American's we are the one's who should be upriseing! What do you think are president would do if we protested him? step down? like we ask all these leader's to do! Um nooooooooo never!!!! so sta the fuck out of it!!!!
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Will Venace be a city in 100 year's?

Venice is a Doomed city. By the year 2100 Venice will be nothing more than a memory!
Venice will "almost certainly" be uninhabitable by 2100 because of rising water levels and flooding, a meeting of international scientists in Cambridge, England, was warned.The famed Italian city, built on 118 sea islets and joined by 400 bridges, may not be around in another 100 years.

For Venice, which rests on millions of wooden piles pounded into marshy ground, is gradually sinking into the water.

A four-day conference organised by the Venice in Peril Fund to find a way to rescue the city was told that its population has fallen from 150,000 in the 1950s to 58,000 today.

After spending a morning on the river Cam in gondolas and punts, more than 100 scientists started their meeting which is due to hear from two British about their knowledge of the Thames Barrier.

The conference comes at a time when St Mark's Square in Venice is being flooded about 100 times each year, compared with 10 times in 1900.

The city is 23 centimetres further under water than it was 100 years ago. Rising water levels in the lagoon account for 10cm of the total and 13cm come from subsidence.

Nicky Baly, the development director of Venice in Peril, founded after the 1966 Venice flood by a former British ambassador to Italy, said: "We can keep on paying to restore Venetian buildings, but what if the city is no longer there for our grandchildren? If Venice is to continue to survive, solutions are required, fast."

The charity, which has donated millions to the upkeep of buildings, warned that Venice remains as "undefended" as it was in 1966 when the entire city was flooded.
So Noah build your arch!


tribute, Steve Irwin-Do You remember the Crocodile hunter?

I Remember you Steve! What an awsome human being. Steve was definetly a wild man. I loved watching his shows. He was defintly a good person and Diffrent than you and me. But his life in the spot Light didn't Last Long!
Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin killed by stingray
The man known as the 'Crocodile Hunter' died after his chest was punctured by a stingray barb while diving off Australia's northeast coast.
"Australia has lost a wonderful and colourful son. He was a wonderful character. He was a passionate environmentalist. He brought joy and entertainment and excitement to millions of people, particularly to children, and it's such a terrible loss," said the Prime Minister.
The 44-year-old colourful personality was filming a documentary about the Great Barrier Reef when tragedy struck.

According to friend and colleague John Stainton Irwin swam too close to the ray while he was diving off his boat Croc One near Batt Reef, northeast of Port Douglas.

"He came on top of the stingray and the stingray's barb went up and into his chest and put a hole into his heart," Mr Stainton, who was on board Irwin's boat at the time, told news media.
Mr Irwin won a global television following for his dare-devil antics which saw him go face-to-face with deadly creatures such as crocodiles and poisonous snakes on camera.
He was known for uttering the word "Crikey" when confronted with a particularly deadly animal.
His showmanship and fearless approach help bring wildlife to a younger audience.
But he also triggered outrage and criticism in 2004 when he held up his then one-month-old baby while feeding a snapping crocodile at his Australian zoo.
He is survived by his American wife Terri, their daughter Bindi Sue, eight, and two-year-old son Bob.

September 3, 2006 so about five years ago we lost a diffrent and great human who did change are world!

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Why are we still fighting the Cival War

If you think the culture wars are heated now, check out mid-19th century America
 The Civil War took place during a period of pervasive piety when both North and South demonized one another with self-righteous, biblical language
A Union artillery crew poses before battle. Each side underestimated the opposing army, historians say. The war erupted not long after the "Second Great Awakening" sparked a national religious revival. Reform movements spread across the country. Thousands of Americans repented of their sins at frontier campfire meetings and readied themselves for the Second Coming.
They got war instead. Their moral certitude helped make it happen, says David Goldfield, author of "America Aflame," a new book that examines evangelical Christianity's impact on the war.
Goldfield says evangelical Christianity "poisoned the political process" because the American system of government depends on compromise and moderation, and evangelical religion abhors both because "how do you compromise with sin."
"By transforming political issues into moral causes, you raise the stakes of the conflict and you tend to demonize your opponents," Goldfield says.
Contemporary political rhetoric is filled with similar rhetoric. Opponents aren't just wrong -- they're sinners, Goldfield says.
"The erosion of the center in contemporary American politics is the most striking parallel between today and the time just before the Civil War," Goldfield says.
In the lead-up to the war, political campaigns were filled with religious fervor. Political parties paraded their piety and labeled opponents infidels.
"Today's government gridlock results, in part, from this religious mind set that many issues can be divided into good and evil and sin and salvation."
How much power should the federal government have?
Nullification, states' rights and secession. Those terms might sound like they're lifted from a Civil War history book, but they're actually making a comeback on the national stage today.
Since the rise of the Tea Party and debate over the new health care law, more Republican lawmakers have brandished those terms. Republican lawmakers in at least 11 states invoked nullification to thwart the new health care law, according to a recent USA Today article.
It was the kind of talk that led to the Civil War, historians say.
"One of the biggest debates during the Civil War was how far should governments go in dictating our lives. We still debate those politics," says William Blair, director of the George and Ann Richards Civil War Era Center at Pennsylvania State University.
The Southern answer to that question ignited the war. When they seceded, their leaders said that they were protecting the inherent rights of sovereign states. They invoked the 13 Colonies' fight for independence.
H.W. Crocker III, author of "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War," says Southern secessionists were patriots reaffirming the Founding Fathers' belief that the Colonies were free and independent states.
"If the Southern states pulled out of the union today after, say, the election of Barack Obama, or some other big political issue like abortion, how many of us would think the appropriate reaction from the federal government would be to blockade Southern ports and send armies into Virginia?" Crocker asks.
He says men such as Jefferson Davis, the leader of the Confederacy, are American heroes.
"Jefferson Davis was not trying to force anything on the people in the North," he says. "We wanted to be left alone. What actually caused the war is Lincoln's insistence that no, we can't let these people go."
Slavery caused the war, says McCurry, author of "Confederate Reckoning," and most historians.
Southern slaveholders invoked the Revolution while trying to build an antidemocratic slave state "dedicated to the proposition that all men are not created equal," McCurry says.
They also didn't want to lose the tremendous wealth generated by slave labor, she says.
"They felt confident because they were the biggest producers of cotton in the Western world at the height of the Industrial Revolution."
Unleashing the dogs of war
During the run-up to the Iraq War, former Vice President Dick Cheney famously declared that American troops would be welcomed as "liberators" in Iraq.
Cheney made the mistake that political leaders have been making for ages -- he didn't know the enemy, says Emory Thomas, author of "The Dogs of War," which examines how ignorance on both sides led to the Civil War.
"Cheney thought it was going to be France in 1944, but it ended up Georgia in 1864," Thomas says.
Civil War leaders made the same mistake, Thomas says. Northern leaders like Lincoln didn't really think ordinary Southerners who had no slaves would fight in defense of slavery. Southerners didn't think Northerners were willing to go to war to preserve the Union, he says.
And few on both sides expected the war to be so bloody and long.
"America in 1861 didn't realize what the hell they were doing," he says. "They just weren't willing to think of unpleasant possibilities."
We risk the same mistakes when we commit to "limited" military campaigns in places such as Iraq and, most recently, Libya, Thomas says.
When President Obama announced a limited air bombing campaign in Libya, Thomas thought about the political leaders before the Civil War.
Each incrementally committed to various military provocations, thinking events wouldn't spiral out of control. They were wrong.
"Once you commit to war, you don't have any control over how it ends," Thomas says. "It's amazing how that sounds like Libya now. We may blunder into success, but we don't know who these guys (Libyan rebels) are."
The president as dictator
The battlefields are quiet and even tranquil today, but the average Civil War soldier faced horror and exhaustion.
Barack Obama isn't the first black president, according to some Southern secessionists. That would be Abraham Lincoln. He was called a "black Republican" and the "Great Dictator."
There was a reason a large number of Americans despised Lincoln during the war. Think of the nation's recent "War on Terror." Some Americans thought Lincoln used the war to ignore the Constitution and expand the powers of the presidency.Lincoln suspended habeas corpus (it gives a person who is jailed the right to challenge their detention in court) during the war and used military courts to arrests thousands of civilians.
Those legal decisions loom over post-9/11 America, historians say.
How do we treat American citizens caught attempting to bomb U.S. cities? How do we clamp down on American citizens who preach overthrowing the government? What rights do Guantanamo Bay prisoners possess?
"It's not just what does a president do against an enemy," says Blair, the Civil War historian. "It's what do you do against your own citizens to determine loyalty. That's a big debate today."
Lincoln skillfully addressed that debate, says Brian McGinty, author of "Lincoln & the Court."
He says Lincoln confronted unprecedented problems: The South was in rebellion, the nation's capital was in real danger from rebels in Virginia and their sympathizers in Maryland.
At one point, a mob blocked passage of Northern troops through Maryland to defend Washington.
"His oath of office required him to 'preserve, protect and defend the Constitution' and he believed that the best way to do that was to preserve the Union," McGinty says. "What good would the Constitution be if the country itself was lost?"
McGinty doesn't think Lincoln became a dictator. He says he allowed the presidential election to take place in 1864. He worked with Congress. He asked military officers to arrest disloyal persons sparingly, and he never tolerated abuse of prisoners.
Lincoln said his actions would ultimately be subject to the review of the American people, not the courts, McGinty says.
"He called the people 'The Great Tribunal' and said that they would have the final word on constitutional issues. In the end, The Great Tribunal approved of what he had done. So, for the most part, has history."
The Great Tribunal, however, has yet to render a unanimous verdict on the Civil War.A century-and-a-half after the war ended, people still clash over the causes and meaning.
Blair says they still clash because the war doesn't fit many Americans' image of themselves or their past.
"The American story of our past has been a hopeful, helpful narrative," he says. "But it's hard for us to understand that there was a time in this country when the Constitution protected slavery, and it was actually legal.
"How do you insert the story of slavery into that?"

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Chinese Man Burned Alive! Wow you got to read why!

Chinese man burnt alive for "not washing feet"

 A Chinese bride burnt her new husband to death after he got into bed after a drunken argument without washing his feet

"Wang and his wife, Luo, were married on February 2. The couple, however, frequently fought over trivial things while still on their honeymoon," the official Xinhua news agency quoted a local newspaper as saying.
The couple, from the central province of Hubei, had another fight on the night of March 4, "and in frustration they together drank a bottle of liquor to ease their anger".
"At about 10 p.m., Luo watched her husband get into bed without cleaning or washing his feet. In a fit of anger and intoxication, she set fire to the sheet he was sleeping in," the report said.
"When he awoke, the two began fighting before a very drunk Wang collapsed. As fire engulfed the bedroom. Luo escaped to the living room, leaving her other half to burn," it added.
The woman has been arrested, Xinhua said.

Charlie Sheen hits New York - but what IS the show?

It's a long way from Detroit to New York, especially if you're Charlie Sheen.
One week after his "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option" tour launched in a disastrous Motor City debut, the show rolled into Radio City Music Hall on Friday night in a streamlined version that was slightly more sedate -- and quite a bit duller.

 My man Charlie! Is he Winning?
The most interesting thing Sheen did onstage was throw down the gauntlet to his former "Two and a Half Men" boss, Chuck Lorre.
Near the close of the show, when asked if he wanted his old job back, Sheen said, "Of course, I want my job back, so you guys can keep watching the best f**king sitcom in the world!" He then issued an open invitation to Lorre to join him onstage in his second New York show on Sunday night, "to fix 'Two and a Half Men'."
Sticking with the format introduced in Chicago the night after Sheen was virtually booed off the stage in Detroit, the show was moderated by an onstage interviewer.
Gone is the thankless stand-up comic who turned the term "warm-up act" into a burning at the stake. Gone is the grandiloquent sermon delivered from a lectern in which Sheen spun buzzwords into a personal manifesto for truth in a universe of "fiction-spouting, canker-tongued liar mouths." Gone is the musical guest. Gone is most of the video content hurled on the jumbo screens in desperation whenever Sheen felt the show unraveling.
All that remains of that latter element is a more elaborate reworking of the Andrea Canning "20/20" TV interview, plugged full of broad visual gags that went over gangbusters with the glassy-eyed, beer-swilling stoner crowd. Oddly, this got perhaps the best reception of any part of the show.
But just what is the show? Much as the evening has evolved since Detroit, it remains amorphous and unclassifiable. Depending on your point of view, it's either the perfect response or the ugly apotheosis of a bottom-feeding pop culture saturated in celebrity obsession, rapid-fire visual stimuli and meaningless sound bites.
"How many people want to hear the truth tonight from Charlie?" asked the unidentified moderator, ushering Sheen onstage (wearing a NY Yankees T-shirt and cap) more than 30 minutes after the scheduled start time. But nothing coherent enough to be considered anyone's truth followed.
"Surprise! I'm not staying at the f**king Plaza Hotel," announced Sheen. He then dipped into his hotel adventures over the years with a balance that probably leaned more toward mock heroics and hallucinogenic fantasy than actual experience.
We did get Sheen's account of that night last fall at the Plaza with porn star Capri Anderson. While he concedes that "a chair might have got tossed and there might have been some broken glass," Sheen says the biggest scandal that night was that despite a $30,000 tip, he didn't get to have sex with Anderson. He blamed sleep aid Ambien ("the devil's aspirin") for him ending up naked and attacking the cops.
If the New York show is any indication of what the tour has become, it must be living hell for an addict. Every time Sheen mentions crack or cocaine there are loud cheers, followed by boos whenever he says he no longer partakes.
This crowd -- most of whom looked like "Jersey Shore" rejects and watched the majority of the show through their phone-cams -- has no interest in sober, rational Charlie. They want crazed warlock Charlie. Or Carlos, as many in the house kept shouting.
The interviewer fed Sheen cues through the roughly 55 minutes he remained onstage. They ranged from early showbiz memories to specific movies like "Wall Street" and "Platoon", from his "goddesses" (who appeared briefly) to his bucket list.
None of the responses were especially illuminating, though there were some intriguing conversational detours. When Sheen started extolling his father's epic coolness, having killed Colonel Kurtz in a typhoon, you started to wonder did he think "Apocalypse Now" was real? He also cited Martin Sheen's encounter with a jungle cat in that movie as the origin of his own tiger blood. Whatever, dude.
Sheen tossed the audience a few celebrity bones. He recalled an improbable prank played on John Cusack involving 3,000 angry bees in an Indianapolis hotel. He bowed down before Kiefer Sutherland's "legendary bar tab." And he paid tribute to Nicolas Cage: "The guy's a genius and he went broke. I f**king love him."
"I'm a huge proponent of plan better," responded Sheen to one heckler. "One example of plan better might be drink less and not come here and yell at the guy you've been waiting six weeks to see." Maybe this tour is Sheen's idea of planning better.
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Paris Hilton won't return borrowed jewels?

Why doest Paris have to pay? How long do you think it would take you to have Police at your door if you just decided you were not going to pay for some Jewelry?
Come on you rich as Celeb's! Why are they never held accountable? Because they can afford the jewel's?
I believe that should be the reason they should really get in trouble!
Paris Hilton is holding $60,000 of jewelry that does not belong to her and should give it back, a new lawsuit contends.
So why is she not charged criminaly? Do you think if you didnt return 60 k you would just get a dumb civil suit you will never be forced to pay!
She could have any boy in America or in any country with the money, Would probley pay for her jewelry with no atachment's just in hope of pulling her one night! So why is everyone else held accountable? And the rich are not!
German insurer Allianz has sued the celebrity socialite, saying she has ignored several attempts to recover the borrowed jewels.
According to an April 6 complaint filed in a New York state court, Hilton borrowed the jewelry in 2007 from the Manhattan jeweler Damiani, promising to store it in a safe or vault when she was not using it.
But Allianz said the gems sat unguarded on a closet shelf in Hilton's unlocked Los Angeles mansion when they and some $2.7 million worth of other jewelry were stolen in a December 19, 2008, burglary while Hilton attended a Hollywood party.
Allianz said Los Angeles police found and returned the jewelry to Hilton after it had already paid Damiani's claim under an insurance policy.
It said it began asking Hilton and two eponymously named companies she controls to return the jewelry, but that phone calls and email messages have been ignored.
Allianz's lawsuit accuses Hilton of negligence and breach of contract.
A Hilton spokeswoman said the lawsuit was "not based on fact," and that none of Hilton's representatives ever told Allianz that the stolen Damiani jewelry had been returned. "Only costume jewelry was recovered," she said.
The dispute is the latest involving a celebrity and jewelry. Actress Lindsay Lohan is expected to make a court appearance later this month on a charge that she stole a gold necklace from a Los Angeles store in January.
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Why do Muslims hate the U.S. government?

So why do they hate the US Government so much?

There are many cases we can learn from. At Boston University, according to Ulil Abshar Abdalla, Muslims observed tarawih last month in a hall called Sacred Place where believers of any faith can observe their prayers and services.

During Ramadhan, in the program called Fast-Thon, hundreds of non-Muslim Americans joined the Muslim Student Association in my university to fast for one day. Like Muslims, they did not eat or drink from dawn to dusk.

The U.S. is very tolerant of any religious life. Its constitution, particularly the First Amendment, guarantees all citizens the right to have and express their faith.

While some Muslims in other parts of the world want an Islamic state to guarantee the right to practice their religion, some American Muslims I have met said they do not need an Islamic state.

Why? America gives them most of what they need to be a pious Muslim without it being an Islamic state. For sure, it is not a perfect country. However, has an Islamic state existed and given anything better than what America has?

In the U.S., Muslims of Somalia, Cambodia, and Palestine have found asylum and help. They live a better life and are more secure in this non-Islamic country.

Thus, why do Muslims hate America? Why is America and its interests the target of Muslim hatred?

The answer is that, in fact, Muslims do not hate America, but rather the interventionist policy of the U.S. government. The presence of U.S. troops in the Muslim heartland, Saudi Arabia, after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, was the supposed reason behind the Sept. 11 attacks. The U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq are the main reason for the many suicide bombings in the last three years.

It seems that both Muslims and the U.S. government do not pay attention to where their relations intersect.

In relation to the Muslim world and the U.S., actually there are four entities involved: the American Government and the American people on the one hand; and the Muslim world and American Muslims on the other.

In the country named the United States of America, there is a government that does not necessarily represent Americans as a nation. In the Muslim world, there are American Muslims, the citizens of the hated America.

Unfortunately, these four entities have been lazily simplified into two polarised entities: Muslims and the U.S., my side or your side, my interests or your interests.

The neglected interconnectivity is complicated and costly to both sides.

The beautiful picture of Muslim and U.S. relations mentioned above has been overshadowed by the negative aspects of those two worlds: the bad foreign policy of the American government toward Islamic countries; and the bad reaction of radical Muslims.

The victims of neglected interconnectivity, we may expect, are always the good parts of both entities: non-radical Muslims and anti-Bush Americans.

The victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack were innocent Americans, non-Muslims as well as American Muslims. They might not agree with their government and they did not deserve to die in the attacks.

On the other hand, the victims of the war on terrorism are innocent Muslims. In the U.S., many innocent American Muslims are arrested without due process. In Europe and Australia, a number of mosques were closed by the government.

In Indonesia, many pesantren (Islamic boarding schools), orphanages, and Islamic foundations, have lost financial aid from wealthy Middle Eastern countries as the U.S. government has forced its allies to cut the suspected relationship between the flow of riyal and the terrorist network.

We should not wait any longer to realise these complexities. The hatred in the Muslim world proliferated by the interventionist policy of the U.S. government in Islamic countries and the overreaction of U.S. government policy triggered by terrorist actions should be stopped right now.

The radical Muslims have to realise that their project has brought more disadvantages than benefits to the Muslim world. If they really want to fight for the Muslim world, they need to recalculate what Muslims have experienced after Sept. 11.

The U.S. government needs to understand, as many American political experts have recommended, that their interventionist policy has triggered more hatred and induced more young Muslims to become suicide bombers.

Muslims may hate Bush for his interventionist and arbitrary policies, but they are not alone in arguing against Bush's policy; many Americans do too.

Muslims should not hate America because Americans are not Bush; and because American Muslims do love their country. What should American Muslims do if Muslims in the rest of the world hate their beloved country?

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Your Taxes Pay For Radical Islamic Muslim's!

I’m for more competition for federal Head Start grants. But not for the insertion of religion–especially radical Islam–into it, as a just-passed House bill will do (along with making the program more competitive).
I am a religious person, but oppose faith-based funding because I don’t want my or your tax dollars funding radical Islamic indoctrination of children in need. Do you?
Head Start is for indigent children from poorer neighborhoods who need a “Head Start” on life. That head start should not include learning about the attributes of jihad, the need to murder Christians and Jews, and why American infidels are evil. And if it does, our tax money should not fund it.
But, a House Bill passed that will allow exactly that. A radical mosque in, say, Dearborn, Michigan, can apply for Head Start grants that you and I fund and use the money to hire only radical Muslim employees who will “educate” young, disadvantaged children with hate propaganda.
Come on quit paying for are bomb carrying muslim radical's while we starve!

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Who had the biggest Arm's buying increase Last Year? South America, Africa, UK

Sharp rise in arms spending by South America and Africa
arms fair in London
An anti-aircraft missile system on display at an international arms fair in London.
Global spending on arms amounts to more than $1.6tn (£0.96tn), with South American and Africa accounting for the biggest increases last year, albeit from a relatively low base, according to figures released by a leading weapons trade research institute.
Although military spending fell throughout Europe, Britain was third in the world league, after the US and China. The UK spent nearly £36.6bn on arms last year, an increase of nearly 30% over the past decade, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri). Saudi Arabia, one of Britain's main markets for weapons, spent more than £27.4bn, a 63% rise over the past 10 years, the institute says.
The US was largely responsible for a real terms 1.3% increase last year – more than $20bn – but spending by South America, with the exception of Venezuela, and Africa rose by more than 5%.
"This continuing increase in South America is surprising given the lack of real military threats to most states and the existence of more pressing social needs," said Carina Solmirano, the institute's Latin American expert.
South America spent more than $63bn on arms last year, a figure that is more than twice the rate of increase in arms spending by countries in the Middle East. But governments in the Middle East spent $111bn on weapons last year, says the report released on Monday.
The US has increased its military expenditure by more than 80% over the past decade, spending nearly $700bn last year. Although the increase in its military budget has slowed down, the US continues to be an "exceptional" case, the institute says.
As well as being overwhelmingly the largest spender in absolute terms, with 43% of the global total, six times its nearest rival China, the US has led the way in the global increase since 2001, with an 81% rise in real terms compared with 32.5% in the rest of the world, the report says.
It adds: "Moreover, the share of US GDP [gross domestic product] devoted to the military – the "military burden" – has increased sharply, from 3.1% in 2001 to an estimated 4.8% in 2010, while in the majority of other countries worldwide the military burden has fallen or remained steady. Of those countries for which Sipri has reliable data, the USA is likely to have had the highest military burden outside the Middle East in 2010, based on IMF projections for GDP."
The report continues: "Even in the face of efforts to bring down the soaring US budget deficit, military spending continues to receive privileged treatment. President Obama's [fiscal year] 2012 budget announced a five-year freeze on non-security-related discretionary expenditure, but military spending, along with other security spending such as intelligence and Homeland Security, is exempt. Such cuts as may occur are likely to be due to the end of the US troop presence in Iraq and the gradual drawdown from Afghanistan … taken together, these figures suggest that the USA continues to prioritise maintaining its overwhelming military power as the basis of its security and status."
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Man wields samurai sword, guitar in tattoo parlor attack

Customer ends attack on himself, artist by bashing assailant's head with glass tabletop

Police followed a blood trail to find the man they said used a sword and a guitar to attack a tattoo artist and his customer in Orlando.
Officers caught up with Jason Lynn Gay on East Harding Street at the end of a blood trail he left behind after one of the tattoo parlor's customers smashed a glass tabletop over his head, they said.
"One minute we were sitting here and I was focused on my tattooing; the next we were fighting for our lives. Thank God it ended up the way it did," said Patrick Walker, the tattoo artist who said he was attacked
Walker said he never thought the samurai sword he had on display and his beloved guitar would be used against him.
"It was like the Joker on Batman — he said, 'You guys are gonna die.' It was kind of like I said, 'I'm not dying.' And my buddy said, 'I'm not dying.' The next thing you know we just went at it," Walker said.
Gay is being held in the Orange County Jail on two counts of attempted second-degree murder as well as two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.
Gay has a criminal history. He was just released from prison in August after a 10-year sentence.

Where is the world's Largest murder rate? Cocain is to Blame for 9 out of 10

You can Blame Cocain for 9 of the 10 countries!

COLOMBIA, Your #1 Winner Cocain cartel's are killing everyone in there way!

JAMAICA, Because  there is verry few people and alot of people are murderd get's them 2
HONDURAS, I thunk is the worst! I recently read about the cartel killing even government!
SOUTH AFRICA, Crazy Boob cutting off tribes trying to kill tribes!
SWAZILAND, Sure Drugs!
VENEZUELA, Probley really #2 crazy Cartel's! Maybe #1
 Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Chicago have the highest murder

Sunday, April 10, 2011

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Obama signs short-term funding - So what next week ?

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President Barack Obama signed a short-term funding extension on Saturday.
Democrats and Republicans narrowly averted a partial shutdown of the federal government by agreeing on the measure and a budget deal.
The new funding extension, which cuts spending by $2 billion, will last through next Friday, April 15.
The Senate immediately passed the extension on a voice vote. The House of Representatives followed suit early Saturday morning.
Administration and congressional officials made clear that there would be no lapses in government funding.
In his weekly address Saturday, the president explained that the agreement meant that small businesses can get the loans they need, families can get the mortgages they applied for, "folks can visit our national parks and museums" and paychecks, including those for the military, will be delivered on time.
"This is an agreement to invest in our country's future while making the largest annual spending cut in our history," Obama said.
Great sound's like we will not be cutting over seas spending. Just here at home! Im personally verry fed up with paying for all these arab's bullshit. I don't understand why they happen to be are priority when we are going broke! Someone save us! Are government has abondoned us and decided are money should fund are hater's and biggest enemies. I guess france dont need to pay for there own fight in Lybia we pay for there oil protection while we put American's on the street!