Sunday, February 27, 2011

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Friday, February 25, 2011

A Fat Mc Donald's Worker and Her Chicken....

I was at the bus stop this morning because the weather was horrible. I live in western Pennsylvania were are winter's are pretty ruff. I decided it was a good Idea for me to take the bus to work today, Which I occasionally do, Because I work in town.
I was waiting for the bus in front of the Mc Donald's. I was sitting next to A over weight Girl. She was wearing a Mc Donald's Hat, So I assume she work's there. She was Opening a bag of food with excitement. I have never seen a person with this much speed and agility, going after some food like it has hurt her first born child. She opened a Chicken sandwich, and started going at it.
She was takeing bite after bite without pause. She did not take a one second break in between bites. She was starting to get into it now. She throws her wrapper over her shoulder onto the ground, this wrapper was laying on the ground as evidense of the feeding that is occuring. She keep's proceeding into another sandwich, Without slowing down. It was obvious the first sandwich did not do anything to control her hunger. All it did was get her in the groove. She was now tearing threw her second sandich, Bite after Bite. She was destroying any ounce of humanity she may ever of had.
As she finishes she thows her sandwich wrapper over her shoulder and start's into a 3rd sandwitch. I never seen any evidense of her slowing down. She just kept continued to hit that sandwitch bite after bite with no pause, As if she was a light weight boxer delivering blow after bow without tiring. I have never seen such a travisty. She was destroying the human race with every bite. We are not perfect but eating like a human keep's us above animal's. And she was letting thousand's of year's of evolution go out the window.
Now as she start's into her dessert the french fries, She Justpick's up the bag and begin's Dumping the fries down her throat. You would think even a starveing homeless man would behave with ten tmes the control of this animal. And believe me, She had forfieted the right to be called a human being. I have never seen a person act with such speed and agility. She was definetly a story, not evryday You get to witnes, such an animal act by a Human* / Animal. I gues a doctor would label her as a human. But are there not thing's like the way we eat part of being labeled a human. Im not sure but I do know she would never be called a human by Me. She had forfieted her right for me to call her human.
I gues this was just another day in the story of Mc Donald's. I do see alot of bad press following them saying they are making are country obese. But I don't know, Im sure they contribute.
But I believe it is people like this girl who make America obese. She had no self control. Im sure she loved to eat, But she no way could of tasted any of the food she had just demolished. I could smell bacon in the air. Not the great and wonderful smell, I love. But the smell of bacon bit's.
I believe this smell will haunt my dream's. Everytime I smell bacon bit's, It will bring me back to this moment in time were a girl had destroyed her right to be called human!

LoL, WoW I love People

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Olivia Munn, Talk's SEX & portugues/english version's

You probably know Olivia Munn from Attack of the Show and The Daily Show (and of course our very own Chickipedia, home to over 200 Olivia images). Now she also stars on the NBC comedy Perfect Couples (Thursdays at 8:30/7:30 central) as married, love-obsessed Leigh, a know-it-all when it comes to relationships. But... “I’m not like that at all," she confesses. "If somebody proposed to me I’d most likely throw up." To our joy, the happily single Munn doesn’t shy away from telling the truth about dating, sex and which part of a guy is like a snowflake. See below.

MADE MAN: You have a huge following and an accessible image. Do you think the average guy feels he might have a chance with you?
OLIVIA MUNN: I can’t speak to what guys think. I don’t really get asked out that much. The hot, athletic, tall guy could be a loser. At the end of the day all that stuff goes away and it’s two people in bed. I just want a nice guy who makes me laugh but that I’m attracted to as well.

MM: What gets you first: intelligence, charm, money, looks, or sense of humor?
OM: If I’m physically attracted, and once we start talking it seems very real and he’s not pretending to be something else and is very honest. I hate when people say "sense of humor." You want him to be attractive.

MM: What’s the smoothest way a guy can approach you without a cheesy pickup line?
OM: There’s no good pickup line. It’s just physical attraction in the beginning and the chemistry is there or not, and then just saying hello and just being normal. If it’s there, it’s there.

MM: What will get him a second date?
OM: Just being very present. I don’t like ironic first dates. I don’t want to go skydiving and things that are crazy. I just want to talk and hang out.
MM: How important is sex?
OM: People have broken up with me probably because, “You want to have sex too much. Sometimes you’re too awesome and you want sex too much. And you cook all the time.” I think too much sex is when you can’t walk anymore. That would be the barometer. You want a best friend that you want to sleep with. If people don’t have sex in relationships, that’s not healthy.

MM: Do you prefer the bedroom lights on or off?
OM: I prefer lights on because I like to see what’s happening. Penises are like snowflakes. Every one is different. You want to know what’s happening.

MM: When did you have sex for the first time?
OM: I was 18, with a boy who was older. I remember after, my first words were “Is that it?” I never had sex again! (Laughs) No.

MM: What if a guy appears to never have had sex before?
OM: A virgin? That’s a lot of pressure. My suggestion to any virgin out there is to have sex as soon as you can...
  __________Portugues Version ____________

Você provavelmente conhece Olivia Munn de Attack of the Show e The Daily Show (e, claro, a nossa própria Chickipedia casa, para mais de 200 imagens de Olivia). Agora, ela também estrela a comédia da NBC Perfect Casais (quintas-feiras às 08:30 / 07:30 centrais) como casamento, amor Leigh obcecado, um sabe-tudo quando se trata de relações. Mas ... "Eu não sou assim em tudo", confessa ela. "Se alguém me propôs que eu provavelmente vomitar." Para nossa alegria, a Munn feliz e solteira não se coíbe de dizer a verdade sobre o namoro, sexo e que parte de um indivíduo é como um floco de neve. Veja abaixo.

FEZ O HOMEM: Você tem uma audiência enorme e uma imagem acessível.
Você acha que o indivíduo médio sente que poderia ter uma chance com você? Olivia Munn: Eu não posso falar o que vocês pensam. Eu realmente não se perguntou que muito. A quente, cara, Atlético de altura pode ser um perdedor. No final do dia tudo isso vai embora e é duas pessoas na cama. Eu só quero um cara legal que me faz rir, mas que eu sou atraído também.
MM: O que você recebe primeira: charme, inteligência, dinheiro, aparência, ou sentido de humor? MF: Se eu sou fisicamente atraídos, e assim que começar a falar, parece muito real e ele não está fingindo ser outra coisa e é muito honesto. Eu odeio quando as pessoas dizem "senso de humor." Você quer que ele seja atraente.
MM: Qual é a mais suave forma um cara pode se aproximar de você sem uma linha de recolhimento de queijo? OM: Não há nenhuma linha de bom captador. É só atração física, no início e da química está lá ou não, e depois é só dizer Olá e apenas sendo normal. Se ele está lá, está lá.
MM: O que vai buscá-lo uma segunda data? OM: Só de estar muito presente. Eu não gosto de ironia primeiras datas. Eu não quero ir para pára-quedismo e coisas que são loucos. Eu só quero conversar e sair.
MM: Qual é a importância do sexo? MF: As pessoas têm dividido comigo, provavelmente porque, "Você quer ter muito sexo. Às vezes você é muito impressionante e você quer muito sexo. E você cozinhar o tempo todo. "Eu acho muito sexo é quando você não consegue mais andar. Isso seria o barómetro. Você quer uma melhor amiga que você quer dormir com. Se as pessoas não têm relações sexuais nos relacionamentos, que não é saudável.
MM: Você prefere as luzes do quarto ligado ou desligado? MO: Eu prefiro as luzes acesas, pois eu gosto de ver o que está acontecendo. Pênis são como flocos de neve. Cada um é diferente. Você quer saber o que está acontecendo.
MM: Quando você teve relações sexuais pela primeira vez? MO: Eu tinha 18 anos, com um menino que era mais velho. Lembro-me depois, as minhas primeiras palavras foram "É só isso?" Eu nunca tive sexo outra vez! (Risos) Não.
MM: E se aparece um cara que nunca tiveram relações sexuais antes? OM: A virgem? Isso é muita pressão. Minha sugestão a qualquer virgem lá fora, é fazer sexo logo que você pode ...