Sunday, March 13, 2011

Were is the world's highest Murder rate and why? ( Cocain )

My story take's me to Central America were people are being Murderd at a huge rate.

late summer day near the Salvadoran coast, more than 100 police working an intelligence tip scoured a near-vacant cattle ranch the size of 42 Manhattan blocks. Find two barrel's of US Dollar's, one with 14.1 million dollar's in 20's 50's 100's ready to be sent south for cocain.
A second found barrel was also found with 10 million in us dollar's ment for the same reason. It had taken 3 day's to count the first barrel of money.
American Express Business Solutions Mexican drug cartels now operate virtually uninhibited in their Central American backyard. U.S.-supported crackdowns in Mexico and Colombia have only pushed traffickers into a region where corruption is rampant, borders lack even minimal immigration control and local gangs provide a ready-made infrastructure for organized crime.
We have pushed these cartel gang's into these Central American countries, that are already in a bad spot dealing with these cartel's. Sure now the murder rates in these small countries have been raised dramaticly. All while these countries citizen's are verry much out gunned and out numbered by these cartel's.
We have pushed these cartel's into a new territory were the people are verry much unarmed. So they have no responce to this raiseing violence. Cartel's in some places are called death squades were they run threw small villages killing everyone. People in these villages are lucky to have a out house let alone a weapon to protect themselve's.
Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes, who maintains close ties with the U.S. despite being the country's first leftist leader, says he will focus the Obama visit on poverty. El Salvador has seen little change in the poverty and violence that fueled its 13-year civil war until 1992, and the rural states and outskirts of the capital that served as guerrilla battlegrounds are now the domain of deadly gangs.
Central America has always been a transit corridor for drugs coming from Colombia to the United States and a hideout for Mexican capos. A key suspect later convicted in the 1985 killing of DEA agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena in Mexico was arrested in Costa Rica. The head of the Sinaloa Cartel, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, was nabbed near the border between Mexico and Guatemala in 1993.

But the flood of drugs and money have intensified, first with security crackdowns in the U.S. after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and later with Mexico's assault on organized crime beginning in 2006. Authorities mark the worst crime waves with the arrival of the Zetas cartel in Central America in 2008, about the same time Mexican cartels started to pay their collaborators on the ground in drugs instead of cash — creating a boom in local drug sales and violent street crime.

The Guatemalan government recently ended a two-month siege in the mountainous northern state of Alta Verapaz near the Mexican border, a prime corridor for smuggling drugs from Honduras to Mexico, where Zetas roamed the streets with assault rifles and armored vehicles and even controlled when people could leave their homes. But few people think a siege in one state did much -- Ruiz says the Zetas control four other states and as much as half of Guatemala's territory.
I just don't believe that much can be done about these thing's. I think the most we should do, Is protect are border's.
I can't believe that we will do anything by arming drug money curupt government's. Or training there police who may later be a drug smugler and his skill's may be used to kill are agent's.
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