Sunday, March 20, 2011

You have to hear how this dude lost his Penis! "Best story ever"

A 24 year old dude got a wake up call, when he felt his manhood being removed on his way out of the store.                                     

Would You stuff this down your pant's?
Would You? Come on, Just think how tasty!So open your eye's and read this one!
Manager at the Bristol England Supermarker said he will not press charges. I don't think I would ethier if it was up to me. Im pretty sure he has learned his lesson.

So Police say the 24 year old man had stuffed 2 lobster's down his pant's. He raced passed the girl's in the checkout. And he came to a screeching halt as he made it to the door as he was chomped by a rageing lobster trying to make lunch of his penis.
So this Lobster Cluched on to his Penis and would not let go. When he finally made it to the hospital it was finally removed by doctor's with a pair of plier's.
How long do you think that ride felt to this shop lifter?
God work's in mysterious way's. I know he learned his leason!
Doctor's say he will never be a father but they can repair his penis and sew his penis back together, they are not sure if it will work again. But he will have it back on. But surely no kid's!
So he will be in the hospital for 3-4 week's.
Store manager say's "I think the guy has gone threw anough" I will not press charges, Im sure he will never steal again.

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