Friday, April 8, 2011

How many people are in the USA?

Well he fact is there is alot of people in the us. We are about the 4th largest Nation in the world.
But the fact is that we have alot of people but they really shouldn't consider us as us citizen's because are tax money goes to everyother country but are's! So why are we considered US citizen's when all are tax money goes to helping the people that are responsible for 911 and everyother incident with Alquida attacking the US. And now we are going to be paying for there gun's to shoot at Godhafi but next week they will be fireing then at Isral. Or even bette to shoot any American in range even though we help them with every issue they have ever had. Everytime a Muslim has a problem we send the whole US army to save them, But of course are citizens are being pushed to te street's because they are nolonger honoring there Social Security. I have met 4 newly homeless men cut from Social Security in the last 2 days. So why are we cutting are citizens with Pocket change. Us spending trillion'son wars and forien aid but are citizen's are being pushed to the street's. And I am a republican but I am tired of them trying to fuck the president on every issue at are expense. So Obviously there political power is 10x more important than there country! I am fucking tired of this bullshit!
And everyone is being fucked in the ass in are country while we supply are enemies with all are tax money!

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