Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Look At Foreign Aid. 2011 Budget.. Can You Count are muslim war mission's as foriegn aid?

Angry American!!!!!!! Yup that's me!!!
For decades we have tried to have it both ways with the Middle East. We have placated dictators and despots, favored tyrants and even sometimes helped terrorists. All in an effort to control the region and ensure the steady flow of oil. Despite massive propping up of governments and massive foreign aid to the people, the governments do not trust us and the people generally hate us.
LinkShare_336x280 Today we see unrest not only in Iraq and Afghanistan but also in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen and Lebanon. Syria and Iran are enemies. Somalia and Nigeria are danger zones. But our government continues to pour money into the region. If the American public were paying attention they would be disgusted. Academically most Americans probably realize that foreign aid is going to these areas. All of us realize the dependence on fossil fuels and the amount of oil coming out of these countries and the amount of money being spent. But it is the foreign aid that is horrifying. On the backs of American tax payers.
Egypt will receive 1.558 Billion dollars in 2011 from the U.S. 1.3 billion of that is for military assistance. Jordan will receive 683 million dollars. (that is more than 2 million dollars for every American citizen). Palestine, a sworn enemy of Israel will receive over $550 million dollars. Lebanon over 246 million dollars. Algeria 2.7 million, Bahrain 21.7 million. LIBYA $875,000 dollars. 42 million to Morrocco. Oman will get 16 million. Saudi Arabia, one of the richest oil producing countries in the world gets $370,000 of tax payer money. Tunisia a modest 7.2 million. And one of the most radical, anti-western, wild west countries in the Middle East. Yemen gets 106.6 million dollars of US tax payer money.
To what benefit? To what greater good for the US economy and the welfare of the American public? Yemen? Libya? Oman? What right thinking American would put in their hours, punching a clock, day in and day out to earn a modest income for their family. Try to get a good education for their children. Put food on the table and a roof over their families head to learn that so much of their pay check goes to these corrupt foreign governments where certainly some of the monies are going to be used to turn right around and do harm to these very families. Something is not right in the world and our leadership is allowing this to happen.

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