Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What are the reason's for helping the east and there uprising's? Libya,Egypt

So why would a former President ever step down if they will face prosicution?
Mubarak, Egypt's former President. Who steped down relitively easy. Now may face prosicution.
I don't see how this can help any matter in the east. Where countries are dealing with these form's of protest's Daily. Now why would any president/Dictator step down now. Look to Libya, where Godhafi should step down to save face, And his countrymen. But we have found out what kind of control freak this man is. I believe this may happen, when being in control of physically everything around you for so long. Anyone on Godhafi's power trip is nowhere near able to be in control of anyone! "Let alone a country" Godhafi is an out of control radicul that will now fight to the death, to avoid sure prosicution.
He has killed his countrymen for no reason! Not in a time of war. He is the reason for this cival war!
Anyone who decide's to start a cival war in his homeland because someone sead a bad thing about him is surely a burden to the world and his country. I just don't see any solution to any of these uprising's. We need to stay out of this mess! No one can make anything good come from this. I know we are there on an Idea of him killing civilian's! But, What next? Sure France and there oil supply had alot to do with this! So Let them play in this mess then! We can't afford it!
So what are the reason's for the US dableing in the East with (there) Uprising's?
So becareful because I plann to take part in are uprising! Because we need are money! What American want's %75 of his tax money being spent on Foriegn aid and Pentagon Expense's?
1st) Reason is France and there oil. Sure they get most of there oil from Libya! But, What does that have to do with America's hard earned tax money? We have serious issue's here at home. I have met 3 homeless men in the last 2 day's and they were recently pushed to the streat's at the age of 60+ because we no longer pay for there illness with are social security budget. Imagine one day waking up and no more home, because we love terrorist more than are own people. We would rather buy AR's so muslim radical's can fight Godhafi for 2 week's untl they turn them on us!
2nd) there is no second reason. We say we are protecting the Libyan people! But What About the American People!
How much does a few million in cut's who put American citizen's on the street have to do with are budget. When we are paying trillion's to Muslim coutries for no reason! they will alway's hate us! And if we quit arming them they would probley go broke because they couldn't sell them to are enemies. And quit robbing there leader's. So they would go broke. Come on! Fuck this. Im tired of these hater's!
Muslim's will alway's hate everyone!!! this will never change it has been this way since the begining of time! Muslim's are hater's! and alway's will be! Something's never change! So just take care of are people please! We are begging you! Quit shooting Obama in the foot trying to get him out of office at are expense. I have never seen the US government in this way! We are being robbed and thrown under buses daily. Because of politic's. Because are government is so worried about ruining Democratic's face's they are completely destroying the country. I never here about them passing bill's that pay Muslim's trillion's of dollar's in aid, But somehow this is happening all around us while we starve! Wake up American's we are the one's who should be upriseing! What do you think are president would do if we protested him? step down? like we ask all these leader's to do! Um nooooooooo never!!!! so sta the fuck out of it!!!!
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