Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why does the USA Givernment really think?

Maybe they think we like them to use %85 percent of are tax money on Forien aid and war effort's, well they issue it under pentigon expenses.
So why are americans the one's who are not marching in mob's and wanting there leader's held accountable? I do know! I wish I did. Maybe it is the reason that we are not hater's like muslim's!
If anyone should be pissed it should be us. We are the one's paying there countries welfare bill's while we get them saveing it for 6 month's and then they send a Printer full of C4 here hopeing a airport worker will put a cigarette out on it or something. I guess they missed the part were you need something to detinate it! Or maybe we just aren't giveing them anough money in aid to buy the ignition. Well you muslim's quit bitching you are spending are cash, so when you actually work and quit spending all you time trying to make video's in cave's and sending fake white powder to the usa you will have anough to detinate you bomb.
Or you can maybe recruit someone who know how to do more than park in NY with a car full of gas can's!
Im tired of hearing you all bitch! You hate america. Maybe we do some dumb shit but we do pay your rent even though we have no say in it. Because if we didnt you might really get made and start hateing someone you can reach.
Im tired of this shit! How about we pay are own bill's here in the USA with are money! So we are not cutting here and do all are cutting were it count's in Arab nation.

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