Monday, April 11, 2011

Your Taxes Pay For Radical Islamic Muslim's!

I’m for more competition for federal Head Start grants. But not for the insertion of religion–especially radical Islam–into it, as a just-passed House bill will do (along with making the program more competitive).
I am a religious person, but oppose faith-based funding because I don’t want my or your tax dollars funding radical Islamic indoctrination of children in need. Do you?
Head Start is for indigent children from poorer neighborhoods who need a “Head Start” on life. That head start should not include learning about the attributes of jihad, the need to murder Christians and Jews, and why American infidels are evil. And if it does, our tax money should not fund it.
But, a House Bill passed that will allow exactly that. A radical mosque in, say, Dearborn, Michigan, can apply for Head Start grants that you and I fund and use the money to hire only radical Muslim employees who will “educate” young, disadvantaged children with hate propaganda.
Come on quit paying for are bomb carrying muslim radical's while we starve!

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